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Bad Spanish

Love. Culture. Art.

Love. Culture. Art.

Bring a Unique and Delicious Taco Experience to your Venue/Event with Bad Spanish

 💬 682-401-9629

Bringing Authentic and Delicious Tacos to You!

An event isn’t complete without food. With help from Bad Spanish, your guests will never go hungry! We are a pop-up kitchen serving fresh and handcrafted tacos. We keep the party going by whipping up flavorful creations made from the finest ingredients and traditional recipes with a twist. Contact us to inquire about our catering services!

Our Humble Beginnings

Welcome to our Passion:

In 2018, founder Billy Flores took his passion for cooking food for family, friends, and co-workers into a side-business, Catering Tacos for his Churches events and retreats, and Private Home Parties. Soon after starting, Bad Spanish was setting up at some of the biggest Craft Breweries, and Festivals in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, bringing hand pressed tortillas with delicious fillings to each venue’s Customers on a much larger scale...

Whether it is a Private Event, Large or Small Venue, Festival, or any Catering need, Bad Spanish will deliver an experience your patrons will appreciate, and a service you can be proud to bring in!

Our Commitment

Love in the palm of your hand. Just picture it. What if you could hold love? What if you could feel it with your fingertips, as solid and tangible as an object? Love comes in many forms; it could be the feeling behind every great memory, a warm hug on a cold day, or a happy place you go to when that hug can’t be given or received.

Sometimes, love is just knowing that someone cares enough about you to make you a meal. That’s the inspiration behind Bad Spanish. We create our food out of love and with love. Our kitchen operates around Love, Culture, and Art.

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